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Energy Storage

Energy Storage

Reliable power from microwatts to megawatts

Better batteries drive better technology. At PNNL, our researchers advance the growing and significant field of batteries through expertise in materials, manufacturing, and design. Our achievements in battery technology range from the creation of vanadium redox flow batteries—often used for grid energy storage—to powering devices the size of two grains of rice.

Our areas of battery expertise include the following:

  • Large-scale: Batteries developed for stationary energy storage harness renewable energy to help develop a resilient, more reliable power grid. Our researchers are breaking down barriers—such as higher cost and limited storage capacity—to make widespread deployment a reality and electricity more cost-effective for consumers.
  • Transportation: Electric vehicles require longer-life batteries that can be quickly and repeatedly charged and discharged. We are working to significantly enhance the performance of these batteries.

The energy storage market is quickly growing—hovering around $320 million in 2016 and expected to be upwards of $3 billion by 2022. With the opening of our Advanced Battery Facility in 2015, our battery experts are uniquely positioned to propel research in this field to the highest level.

Energy Storage

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