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Green Car Congress describes how GM researchers demonstrated hierarchical electrode architectures for high energy lithium-chalcogen rechargeable batteries. PNNL is a collaborator in this work. 12.17.18 

Daily Energy Insider reports on the upcoming construction by Energy Northwest of an energy storage system. PNNL helped identify and propose best-value path to meet clean energy goals. 10.29.18 

American Public Power Association reports on Energy Northwest's commitment to building an energy storage system. PNNL will help monitor and analyze data to develop improved battery designs and tools. 10.29.18 

Fire Newsfeed outlines Energy Northwest's effort to invest in alternative energy, and cites PNNL as key to providing business and technology consultation throughout the process. 10.28.18 

Solar Industry reports on Energy Northwest's plans to move forward with a 5 MW solar-plus-storage facility. PNNL will help monitor and analyze the data. 10.26.18 

The Tri-City Herald reports that Energy Northwest is moving forward with a 20-acre solar project, in which PNNL will help monitor and analyze data. 10.25.18 

Mobile Herald describes a study by PNNL that states electric vehicle driving range could be doubled. 10.13.18 

The Star reports on the Chinese scientists claim of a solution to lithium phone batteries dying or catching fire, and cites a recent PNNL development of a new electrolyte. 10.10.18 reports on a new electrolyte developed by PNNL that helps address safety as well as performance issues posed by lithium metal batteries. 9.27.18 

Northrop Grumman mentions PNNL's vanadium redox flow battery technology that was matured in 2011, in an article on how energy storage technology is helping renew and stabilize the electric grid. 9.11.18 

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