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WSU News featured an article on their sodium battery research, where they partnered with PNNL to provide a cheap, effective lithium alternative. 02.09.18

Energy Storage Journal reports on that a Golden Share Resources Corp., a Canadian mining company, has teamed with PNNL to research and further develop vanadium technologies including solid-state batteries, with PNNL further advancing its high energy density vanadium redox flow battery. 02.08.18

Yahoo! News picked up an original Geekwire story on the formation of a joint institute between PNNL and UW focused on the science of making new materials. 02.02.18

IEEE Spectrum published a story on how PNNL-developed vanadium redox-flow batteries have become competitive for grid-scale energy storage. 10.26.17

InsideEVs reported that the PNNL-led Battery500 consortium has granted funding to 15 new battery technology projects. 08.27.17

iConnect07 noted PNNL collaborated with Argonne National Laboratory to develop a non-aqueous flow battery for grid energy storage. 08.15.17

ChargedEVs reported 15 new energy storage projects have been awarded funding through the PNNL-led Battery500 consortium. 08.11.17

CleanTechnica reported $5.7 million in funding has been awarded for next-generation energy storage research through the PNNL-led Battery 500 energy storage consortium. 08.07.17

The Idaho Statesman reported that PNNL is developing grid energy storage in a story about the future of the Snake River dams and other Northwest electricity infrastructure. The Tri-City Herald and the Bellingham Herald reposted the story. 08.04.17

Chemical & Engineering News interviewed PNNL's Chongmin Wang as an outside expert for a story on a new way to image lithium ions. 08.03.17

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