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Northrop Grumman mentions PNNL's vanadium redox flow battery technology that was matured in 2011, in an article on how energy storage technology is helping renew and stabilize the electric grid. 9.11.18 

Science Trends highlights PNNL's new approach for high energy density Li-ion batteries.  8.13.18 

Technical Progress reports on how PNNL researchers demonstrated a small lithium-metal battery can recharge about seven times more than batteries with conventional electrolytes. 8.7.18 reports on the delivery of a vanadium redox flow battery by CellCube to the University of Calgary. The vanadium electrolyte was developed by PNNL and licensed by Pure Vanadium Corp, a subsidiary of CellCube. 7.16.18 

JWN Energy reports on CellCube's delivery of a vanadium redox flow battery to the University of Calgary.  CellCube's subsidiary, Pure Vanadium Corp., licensed PNNL's vanadium electrolyte technology.  7/16/18 

EE Online announces the acquistion by CellCube Energy Storage Systems of Pure Vanadium Corp., which licensed PNNL's vanadium electrolyte capability. 7.6.18

BusinessPress24 reports on the acquisition by CellCube Energy Storage Systems of Pure Vanadium Corp., which is involved in the development of vanadium electrolyte (VE) formulations for gird-scale electrical storage batteries.  Pure holds licenses from PNNL for the production and sale of VE. 7.5.18 

Stockwatch reports on Cellcube Energy Storage Systems acquisition of Pure Vanadium Corp., which holds licenses from PNNL for production and sales of vanadium electrolyte formulations. 7.5.18 

Design News quotes PNNL energy storage expert Vincent Sprenkle on how flow batteries may offer a superior to lithium ion technology for stationary grid support energy storage. 6.27.18 

Energy Storage Publishing describes PNNL's development of a new compound for redox flow batteries. 6.15.18  

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